How do your packet

Step one - print out your skyward report

Step two - collect your notes and put them in order beginning to now.

Step three - write a paragraph reflecting on your quarter in ceramics - discuss; effort, results, clean-up, class participation (or lack thereof...) If there are any extenuating circumstances as to why something is not turned in - i.e. it broke, ect WRITE THAT IN so I can adjust the skyward report.

Staple together in this order
Paragraph with name, date and period number
skyward report
your individual project notes

Make sure your project notes match the skyward report because I will not go back and change quarter grades.
turn in Packet on Friday - no late packets. If you know you will not be here on Friday turn it in on the last day you know you will be here.

Advanced - put a blog in this week that covers the above things. Make sure you have in your grading blog everything assigned for this quarter. If you do not, do what the newbies do - write it
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