I will put a link to firm slab instsructions here... You should be starting it now. We will be going to the wheel next Friday (I hope!)
The glaze is out! I need to post grades for the midquarter tomorrow - so I will need something to grade from all of you. Make sure you check with me durring class today or tomorrow. If you have a finished project get it in. Pinch and coil projects must be turned in ASAP.
I am out sick on Monday. Please keep working on your projects. If you are done with what I've shown you remember you need to do a 'choice' project as well - so you can start that. We will do the firm slab on Tuesday. There are instructions on how to do that on the documents page - under ceramics documents - firm slab.

Make sure you close the clay mixer at the end of the day. Advanced students will need to bring out more clay.

Please leave the kilns closed.

Thanks, Ms. H
Yesderday we did a glaze demo - see the documents page for the how to glaze instructions.
Bisque is out today. wash your piece and put it in your locker.

We will do a glaze demo tomorrow - click here for a preview.

click here for the outline of how to do a soft-slab
Take care of our room! This is not fun... :(

Make sure your pinch project is starting to dry and you are starting on your coil project... A bisque will start tomorrow and be out on Thursday. We will have a glazing lesson on Thursday.

Advanced students - check my blog and make sure your link works! I will be putting in grades ASAP!
Here is a coil project. Yours should have at least three knds of coil elements - as well as positive and negative space. It should have a specific from and not go straight up and down.

One of the main art elements this project sould use is the idea of rythem - a repeated pattern. It does not have to be exact - but there need to be repeated elements.

The base of the coil pt is a very flat pinch pot. This area will not be glazed. This project does not need a foot ring, however you can add one if you like.

Take special note that while the outside of the coil pot shows the evidence of its constructions - the coils themselves - the inside is smooth and finished. If it is not smoothed and finished with each row of coils the project will fall aprat!

Remeber I must have your link by Friday and you must make your first blog post. It must have a photo and some comments. It can be informal. But it must be there and I must be able to access it.

Your weekly blog updates will be graded!