Make sure you are getting your two bowls done, that's right TWO BOWLS. 

Advanced, you should have another blog. Start thinking about your theme.
Bowl demo now.

Advanced you can watch or do something else QUIETLY.

you will need to do two of them this quarter - bowl one and bowl two!
Kiln out today. Find your project and grade it up now. All projects out after this will be on next quarter's grade-book.

Tomorrow - bowl de

Seven minute clean up before class

Pd 4 dry - move wheels and look for tools, get rid of dry stuff
pd 5 water - wash equiptment
pd 6 more water wash tools and organize
The bisque is out - Anything unglazed from last quarter needs to go into the glaze kiln today so we can get it out and grade it before grades are due for third quarter.

Notice we have a new power system for the wheels in the back. 

I will be doing the bowl demo this week. Most likely on Wednesday. You can also watch the video and go ahead.

Advanced students make sure you are on target. Next week we will need to talk about your Theme and theme blog. Soon you will need to come up with a main idea or theme, next a theme out-line, then a rough draft and lastly a final draft to to be due just before your presentations near the beginning of June.

Remember all seniors you need to have everything done before graduation. You do get to leave a few days early, however you do not have fewer assignments!