We'll start with - How to clean up

 Next, a demo of putting two pinch pots together to make a box or creature. In this demo you will learn to join clay by slipping and scoring. This is the best method for joining clay and you will be using it all the time.

We'll also look at how to make a bowl - if you're chosing to make a bowl then it must have a foot ring to keep it off the kiln shelf so the glaze does not stick and ruin the project. Again you will join the clay by slipping and scoring.

Notice that a box's top will be cut with a 'key' so it does not slide off. You can also put in tabs on the inside to keep the top snug - but not too snug!

If you are making a creature you will be cutting the hole in the base when the project is leather hard.

Review terms, wet clay, leather soft, leather hard, bone dry.
Make sure you get your note sheet

decide what you are going to make

We will learn to wedge clay and why
to pinch clay and form a small pinch pot - which you will give to me
and then start you on your way to create you first graded project.
a pinch pot.

tomorrow we will learn how to joint to pieces of clay by slipping and scoring and start to think about how to make a three-dimensional decoration on a three dimensional surface of a three-dimensional form.

Word for today is FORM 

We will talk about cleaning up and how to use the buckets in the sink to keep clay from going down the drain.
Well, it's been a fun summer, but here we are back.

Let's spend some time looking over the site to see what is expected of you and then going over what's in the room and how we're going to use it.

We will get our hands in the clay tomorrow.

Advanced students you can get out the net-books and start on your websites right now! :)