Make sure you are glazing what came out of the bisque - All projects must be glazed by tomorrow in order to get credit for this quarter.

Tuesday I will repeat the bowl demo -
Bowl one is due Nov. 11
Bowl tow is due Nov. 18

Advanced - continue your weekly blog - make sure you have pictures.

I am posting the assignments on the wall behind me.

You should be thinking about what your theme will be for your semester presentation - we're half way through!!!
We will do another bowl demo on Tuesday - bowls are due soon - the new quarter begins on Tuesday. Please look at the Ceramics calendar tab to see what is coming up for the rest of the semester. All the assignment videos are on this site.

Just a note - when you get your packets back - save them - they make dandy efolio entries. All you need to do is take pictures of the prjects and upload the paragraphs! Volia! :)

Advanced students - your website is a snap to connect to your efolio
get your notes now and turn them in.
Make sure you get your projects out of the kiln.

Get things graded fourth period, written up fifth and sixth. (I will not be here pd. 5 & 6)

get bisque glazed. I will run a glaze kiln Thurs. out Friday and one over the week end - in time to be graded. I will run a bisque over the week-end which will also qualify projects for credit in this marking period. Remember having your notes attached to your skyward print-out is essential for credit.
Please collect your notes

Have ready all your notes on the first projects

soft slab
firm slab
wheel cylinder

even if the projects are not done you need to attach the notes to the packet if you want to avoid a zero and maybe get credit for them this semester

It would be great to also have a picture - maybe even print it
Get your projects graded.

Bisque in today and out Wednesday. 

I will run glaze kilns as needed to get your stuff done by the quarter deadline - next Monday Oct 31.

Packets will be due on Thursday - Get your grade print out from Skyward on Wednesday. You will need to attatch the notes. If you have a project that will come out of the kiln on Friday or Monday you can attatcht the notes and we will grade it from the packet when it is glazed. Any projects that do not have notes and are not in the packet will be zeros. :(

Remember you need to write the paragraphs as the projects come out of the kiln.

Advanced also - write the paragraph and put it on your site with a pic!!!

Keep cleaning. I am a much happier teacher when the room is clean. Dust is our enemy!

Period five - surprise guest!
Make sure your projects are getting glazed and graded...

Halloween and the end of the quarter on are their way. Be afraid, be very afraid!!

glaze going in today,
another bisque going in today as well....
Your projects will not get fired unless they are correctly glazes. If your projects are not fired you will not get credit. If you do not get credit then you will fail ceramics.

So logically by the law of syllogism - if you do not glaze your projects correctly, then you will fail ceramics!

Also make sure you write your paragraphs so your projects can be graded. If you wait longer than a few days after it comes out the grade will go down. I will not grade everything the last week of the quarter.
Check for the video & slide show on the lessons page.

We will do a demo today.

Glaze is out. Bisque in today.

Clay got left open - a sad thing.... now we must add 'sludge' to it to make it good.