Bisque is out. Glaze in tonight. 

Please note - stuff is never too dry to bisques. Greenware, bone-dry ware is what we should put in the bisque kiln. I will probably run the bisque over break so if you want something fired put it on the cart tomorrow.

 Advanced students check out Mr. Goldhammer's graphic organizers on his page - I like blank web for outlining your essay.

Remember we do not do paragraphs in the same way. We use, cd, cd, cd, cm... not an LA paragraph - we haven't all seen your work like we've all read the same book. Please understand that different styles of writing serve different purposes.

Hey you advanced kids - get your theme outline up - will be graded - will lose points for being after today's date.

Explosion in the glaze kiln!! Something small explouded -make sure it is bisqued first - this piece disapeared and put shards into my projects and others!! :P

No credit for exploding projects.

Notes are here - no excuses - use 'em!
Three weeks of wet clay
Lidded project demo

advanced must have theme statement by Tuesday - outline by Wednesday.

Rough Draft first week after break.

Also please see me about special request after demo

see my example of a theme blog -  hey only three weeks of wet clay!
Less than four weeks of wet clay - get movin'

Lidded Demo on Monday

I will be checking blogs this week-end!!
You need the first three projects graded by Friday or you will lose credit.
Projects graded from the actual project - not a photo will get higher makrs

Advanced students - I will be checking your blogs - and grading hem.

You need to be blogging theme ideas
items - sinks
glazes need to be mixed
turn in work - or lose credit

We will be cleaning on the half days for half the period - the first period that meets will do 'dry' cleaning at the beginning of the period, the second period that meets will do wet cleaning at the end
sinks are fixed, however we must still use the buckets first! ONLY soap and water should go down the drain. also please be careful in your use of paper towel. You do not need an entire yard!

Still no buckets, bats or first tool wash in the sinks - hands only with soap after bucket wash!

Mix those glazes!!! when they are too thick they flake off and crawl!!!!!

Use bag clay today - watch out for sharp blades in mixer

water is not yet turned on in glaze room

glaze kinln is out - bisque is out tomorrow

advanced - blog check on Monday - 20 points - reg. blog and theme blog, please!
There will be people in the room worknig on the sinks Thursday. This may cause you to not use the sink they are working on and give them space to work. We must adjust acordingly so we can get our sinks working again.

We will be doing a planter demo tomorrow so I would hope that will lesson the impact on the need to use the sinks.

Advanced students  be working on blogs.

On half days next week we will be doing some cleaning again... the room is far below minimum standards for working.

Also - make sure you turn off the wheel when you are done!