get your packet back to grade your project today and friday! Check the rejcet shelf.

Projects with no names will not be fired - may be thrown out.

The cylinder and bowls are due very soon after break so you should be working on those projects now. It's always time to make art!

Remember to leave the rings on the wheels and clean them. If they are not clean and not on the wheels they will be removed.

I am
Turn in your packets NOW.
Have all four note pages included even if you have not finished the project. This is the only way you will get credit for the
soft slab
firm slab
when they come out of the glaze tomorrow or Friday they can be graded.

Advanced - have the quarter report on your site on a subpage of the grading blog. Must be done today. Last two projects can be graded up to Friday. Again, the point of the blog is to replace the notes and show the progress of your work. You should have photos of the projects in process to document what you have done.

Comment... why do we write paragraphs the way we do?

I want you to 'deconstruct' what you see. (see it as the sum of its parts.)

I have driven by the Tollgate Farm many times but it was only when I thought about the name toll + gate that I understood that at one point there must have been a gate with a toll. It is my hope that you will learn to look at what you see, deconstruct it into parts and better understand what it is.
This is an example of a life-time way of looking.
GET projects graded!

Packets Due tomorrow - No late Packets!

I will be gone fifth & sixth - please have packets ready for tomorrow and make sure you clean.

Sixth period - put clay in mixer and make sure clay mixer is closed!
Coversheets for packets are here and on line. Make sure you turn in your cover sheet and ALL your project notes on WEDNESDAY. If the project is not quite done you will still turn in the notes so we can grade it on Friday. You will just pick up your packet, write the paragraph and turn it in. No credit if you have not started notes for the project and turned the notes in on your packet by Wednesday. No late packets!!!! These are a substantial part of your grade.

Glaze and bisque out today. Make sure you get things glazed and graded now.

I will be out on Tuesaday afternoon pds. 5 & 6 - dentist :P - but I still hope to run the kilns.

Advanced students make sure you have last week's blog up and all your projects on your grading blog. If you don't know how to put up your review on your blog ask me today. I will not answer it
Glaze killn is out - grade now!

Check out the videos -now on the right page
Wheel bowl demo today - first thing!!!! Advanced students please either watch or work in glaze room QUIETLY!!! We will be making videos for the web-site. Also for advanced students a plate demo - please watch both!!!

Kilns are out - the gas glaze kiln ran yesterday and is done. The gas will turn the clay body slightly darker and the glazes may come out slightly differently because of the carbon in the gas kiln atmosphere - it burns gas and makes smoke!

Your first two projects can be turned in until next Wednesday - and I need all four by the end of the quarter which is in a week and a half!!! So we need to move on that!!!!!!!!!!

I have moved the demos to the demo page... :)

Thanks to those students who are using them and the FAQs.
The grading period ends Friday NEXT

Glaze is out soon - still very hot - there is a gas kiln running now.

I will need your completed packets - for advanced students it will be a web packet - more details on that tomorrow. This will include your notes on your finished projects: pinch, coil, soft and firm slab.

A little clean up is called for as per usual... 13 mins before class!

pd 3 - move wheels and sweep NO SPONGING OR WATER the floor is dry now. Be careful when you sweep so as not to make it tooooo dusty!

some students will be emptying out the cupboards of dry projects - chosen by Ms. H
some students will be working to organize the kiln room - tapped by Ms. H
Some students will be emptying some water now that it is settled and clean

pd 4 - wash buckets, tools, & rings
a few students will be cleaning 'special forces' jobs as tapped by Ms. H

pd 5 - re-do tool boxes - pin, stick, toothed rib, blue rib, small loop - only and with correct #s
- I am told you folks did the best job cleaning of all!

pd 6 - wash all surfaces and sludge (surfaces include wheels, chairs, large buckets...) Make sure dry clay is put back into the clay mixer.

everything you wanted to know and.... The FAQ includes things I've said  many times before - and now is easily accesiable to you on the web! I will put up a print-out on the wall and/or I will encourage you to print out a copy for yourself to keep in your notebook.

I will not answer the question if it is on the FAQ - READ THE FAQ!

The link is here and also on the documents page!

Keep working on your assigned projects this week while we have the testing scheduling...

This will be the only formal lesson this week - I will be out at  National_ Art Education Conference on Thurs/Friday with the art teachers from the district.