Make sure you are getting your two bowls done, that's right TWO BOWLS. 

Advanced, you should have another blog. Start thinking about your theme.
Bowl demo now.

Advanced you can watch or do something else QUIETLY.

you will need to do two of them this quarter - bowl one and bowl two!
Kiln out today. Find your project and grade it up now. All projects out after this will be on next quarter's grade-book.

Tomorrow - bowl de

Seven minute clean up before class

Pd 4 dry - move wheels and look for tools, get rid of dry stuff
pd 5 water - wash equiptment
pd 6 more water wash tools and organize
The bisque is out - Anything unglazed from last quarter needs to go into the glaze kiln today so we can get it out and grade it before grades are due for third quarter.

Notice we have a new power system for the wheels in the back. 

I will be doing the bowl demo this week. Most likely on Wednesday. You can also watch the video and go ahead.

Advanced students make sure you are on target. Next week we will need to talk about your Theme and theme blog. Soon you will need to come up with a main idea or theme, next a theme out-line, then a rough draft and lastly a final draft to to be due just before your presentations near the beginning of June.

Remember all seniors you need to have everything done before graduation. You do get to leave a few days early, however you do not have fewer assignments!

I am out, :( 

Keep working on packets and finishing your work. I will be back tomorrow and both kilns will be out. The bisque will be out on Thursday and those projects can go in the glaze Thursday night and be out in time for the end of the quarter on Friday. :)

Make sure you close the mixer at the end of the day. :)

Make sure you are working on your packet. All projects need to be graded.

we have note sheets now.

Advanced make sure your paragraph describing your quarter progress is on
How do your packet

Step one - print out your skyward report

Step two - collect your notes and put them in order beginning to now.

Step three - write a paragraph reflecting on your quarter in ceramics - discuss; effort, results, clean-up, class participation (or lack thereof...) If there are any extenuating circumstances as to why something is not turned in - i.e. it broke, ect WRITE THAT IN so I can adjust the skyward report.

Staple together in this order
Paragraph with name, date and period number
skyward report
your individual project notes

Make sure your project notes match the skyward report because I will not go back and change quarter grades.
turn in Packet on Friday - no late packets. If you know you will not be here on Friday turn it in on the last day you know you will be here.

Advanced - put a blog in this week that covers the above things. Make sure you have in your grading blog everything assigned for this quarter. If you do not, do what the newbies do - write it
The room must be cleaned up after each class - it's not reasonable to leave such a mess. We will spend an extra ten minutes cleaning. If you are done stand by your job and another one will be assigned to you.

By now you should have - web update - four blogs, two grading blogs, all pages set up!

Also two soup bowls, wide project and set of three on line and graded. See me for grade as always.

Newbes, You should have pinch, coil, soft slab and firm slab in by now. You will need a choice and wheel cylinder by the end of the quarter - March 30.

We will start on our grade packets next Tuesday. Hope you've saved all your notes!
Write Now -
Describe at least one way you hope your bowl will make a positive impact on hunger in our community. 

Turn this in as soon as you write it. You MUST DO THIS FOR FULL CREDIT! We need this because we got a school foundation grant to help offset the cost of the clay and glaze for the bowls and we need to show our thoughtful creative process.
Make sure you get your projects graded asap!
soup bows will be collected  tomorrow - another glaze going in tonight.

Another bisque in soon.

I have the list of who's  paid. If you have not paid, I will be making a fine list. IF YOU HAVE OUTSTANDING FINE THEN NO DANCES, NO FUN, NO WAL