We'll start with the vase demo... That is due Dec. 16th. Make sure your bowls are in and your cup is in by Dec. 9th.

The glaze is out... write up those projects!

Remember to take notes each day and take photos of your stuff - show it to your parental units, 'k?
The bisque is done, so you can glaze today - just wipe it off, don't wash it...

Remember if you throw something today then keep it wrapped up tightly in plastic so it won't be dry when we get back from our long week-end.

enjoy! And turn int those bowls. Advanced keep blogging!! Lidded due.


glaze is out...

11/17/2011 10:43:37


conferences start tomorrow....

Make sure your parental units attend.

I will be in the wildcat court - as far as I know.

SO when you make something today you must cover it tightly so it does not dry out and become a useless chunck of dry clay.
Hey Kids!! Volia Enfants! Both bowls are due tomorrow!!

Get ready for T-G week and Parent conferences by being on task and up to date with your work.

After TG we will do the vase demo. If you're ahead watch the demos on line!

'memeber - IF THE CHAIR IS DOWN ON THE WHEEL IT'S RESERVED - of course that rule is void six minutes after we start - can't save a wheel longer than that. Sheeh
please review the videos and get a handle on this project! :)

cups - two days

11/14/2011 10:46:14



cups - two days

11/14/2011 10:46:09


Bisque is out. Get glazing!

two bowls are due on Thurs


Cup demo live!!!


11/10/2011 11:02:37


Let's watch the handle demo in class.

Bisque should run over the week-end. I wil

Remember making a cup is a two day process. Day one throw the cup. It should be tall with think walls or it will not be comfortable to drink from. Yes these will be dishwasher and microwave safe.

Day two - pull the handle as shown in video - let it rest and set up. Cut the foot ring on the cup while the handle rests.
THEN put the handle on the cup.

Remember you must put then cup with its new handle in a bag over night or it will dry and shrink at different rates and the handle might fall off. 

Glaze kiln out today - please get projects graded!

Put greenware in the back - bisque will run soon - depending on how full it is.

Tomorrow cup demo.

Things are still on the reject shelf! SHEESH - wash the base, 'K
We will start with a nine minute clean up

Pd. 4 - please use no water! We need to move the wheels and get the clay underneath - looking for tools! When you sweep please make as little dust as possible!!! You will need the doors open!

Pd. 5 - start washing! Wash and organize all tools, batts, and surfaces. make sure no clay water goes down the drain! Use buckets and empty them outside. All sink buckets must be cleaned and emptied outside!!
Glaze room folks, please wash shelves in glaze room as well as the tools and surfaces by sink.

Pd. 6 Sluding clay and emptying buckets - lead by  Doug & Bob - Forest and Jarred and Grace.
Washing all chairs and doors of cabinets lead by Eric - Elisabeth, Joe, Dominique, Sam & Hayley
Washing and organizing all tools lead by kelsey -
Bailey, Jaqui, Jeff & Kyra
Austin clean and empty all buckets in sinks

The room is cleaner - let's keep it this way!

Other notes - be careful when you glaze - the buckets are low so make sure you get an even coa