Advanced Students may empty the glaze kiln, however please make sure the glaze wear gets put into the right bins... i.e. watch over it if you are going to unload the kiln.

Bisque will be out on Monday.

Please finish all slab projects.

Advanced another blog is due.
Okay, so I admit it, I forgot to turn on the kilns last night.

We need to do some major cleaning up today. So, at the beginning of class, please find your job and start to work on it. All advanced students need to address the batts and buckets and rings, this is your mess!

Newbies need to make sure their job is done, their area is cvlean, including their chair and locker. Sweepers need to sweep in the back pd. four especially and make sure they are tossing the dust in the trash, not in the clay or outdoors! (Sheesh!!!!)

Period six needs to put the clay in the mixer and make sure all the batts are clean put away and that the counters are clean.

By Friday you should be finished with all slabs and they should be very well finished.

Monday we will do the wheel demo - I am going to be out Friday - I'm sorry - for a meeting all day. 

Newbies please do not work on the wheels in my absence. You should watch the video over the week end.

You should make sure your notes are complete and go over how to write a ceramics paragraph.

want to get kilns running...
Sorry to miss another day - I miss all of you! Remember to invite your Parentato Open House!

Steady the course. Keep on with the slab projects. I hope to do the wheel demo next Monday if not before.

Advanced students make sure there is clay in the mixer.

Sixth period advanced students make sure the mixer is closed for the day.

all students clean up!!!!!!
I am out... :(

Please be finished with your soft slab and starting on your firm slab. Please find the instructions on the demos tab and have advanced kids help the new students if possible.


I hope to run the glaze kiln on Tuesday.

Fourth period advanced please put more clay in the mixer - this might need to be repeated by pd. five and six.

At the end of sixth period please close the clay mixer.

Make sure you are finishing your soft slab today.

Remember it needs to have the edge cut to go with the pattern,
the pattern needs to be enhanced by carving
as well as negative spaces

I will be running, I hope, the bisque tonight.

We have a few more glaze colors.
Make sure you make the transition to soft slab today.

I will run another bisque on Wednesday.

Tuesday we will do the glaze demo - we will have only a few colors. (sorry) We will never have a huge range of colors.

Advanced - check the calendar - make sure you are getting up to speed with your projects and website.
first bisque is out - please find your project and wash it. Then put it in your locker. We will be talking about glazing on Tuesday.

Advanced students your first blog is due today!

Don't throw paper towels in the clay buckets, SHEESH!!!!
The soft slab demo is on the lessons page....

After we look at that and do one in class, please show me your notes so I can give you a progress grade today.
Slab projects on Thurs.

Advanced update blog