Feel bad for these tools, you did this to them!!

Glaze is out -  you should have projects turned in NOW. Participation grades given out today.

No late Blogs! Advanced students think of themes!

Make sure you are getting your projects done and turned in...

The clay is soft - don't use too much at a time!

Bisque will run Friday to Monday - it's got an automatic timer

Advanced blog this week!!!

Monday lets talk about themes - check the  'advanced project' tab!!!
Check out the new tab for calendar updates - please keep current on these things!!! IMPORTANT!

Let's look...
Festival of the Arts 2011

 Wednesday, May 18th and Thursday, May 19th

Students may visit the exhibit during the day.

The public is invited from 6 – 8  Thursday evening.

 Deadline for submissions (to the library) is:

            Friday, May 6th for all entries that must be matted (fine art and photography),

            Friday, May 13th for all else - like ceramics. I would like each of you to bring in at least one project. You may bring in up to three. Advanced students must bring in at least two projects.

Also, FYI mid-quarter is May 13, which means projects must be up to day by May 12 to make the dead-line. That means the choice, cylinder, bowl one, bowl two & cup with pulled handle.

for advanced - current on all blogs as well as Choice, two plates, lidded wheel, Theme choice, tea-pot/multi-wheel.

This is a lot to do, the kilns are running so - let's do it, let's make art!!!!

Both kilns out Monday

Blogs due Monday

MAY 12 - MID-QUARTER is May 13 and grades will be final that morning.

Make sure notes are done as project progresses


Check the home page for a new calendar feature.
Looks better - so keep it up. Please stand by your wheel when you are done to get checked off by me or TA.

Vase Demo on Thursday

Choice, Cylinder and Bowl 1 due on Friday

Advanced check what is due. Also read about the project and start thinking about your theme - we will talk more about it next week - but the topic sentence, outline, rough draft and final draft will have due dates that must be meet!

The tool boxes are gone - because some students could not seem to return the tools... :(

So, all the tools are by the sink in containers. They must be put back clean and in the right container. Any tools either not clean or put in the wrong container will be taken off the floor!!!! Yes, this means there are currently very few tools out and you'll have to share and be careful with them.

Done with your cylinder & choice and have them graded.

The two bowls should be in the 'works' ie in the bisque kiln or getting footed

You should be throwing your cup.

Later this week - VASE DEMO!

Advanced students remember last week's blog. You should be blogging every week - these are like the front page of your notes. The grading blog is like the back of your notes. Get it right!!

Make sure you turn in projects as they are due.

The cup and handle videos are on-line so you can view them - make sure you look at all the videos - they might just be helpful!