I am glad you are here! Ceramics is a complicated course - however if you follow it step by step you will do great work! It is fun and challenging.

You will learn how to think like an artist, work like an artist - in fact be a more creative person all around.

I hope you take advantage of the studio time to make projects which express all that is in you. I can teach skills but you already are a creative person.

One gas kiln is out - it's a little overdone.... sorry....

some of the clay body itself may have bubbled! Wow what an effect!

Last day to turn in your clean up sheet..

You can still grade what is out of the kiln today, today - ONLY

Tomorrow, tomorrow.

Clean out your lockkers. Also Notice all projects from the glaze room are now on the table. empty out all lockers that are not empty and put stuff on tables - UNLESS they are returning students - lockers are marked.

Last glaze kiln tomorrow - one is in now - it will be a gas

After presentations - grade what you've got - just pick up your packet

I will be emptying off the kiln shelves tomorrow - into the TRASH

All lockers need to be cleaned out - now would be good - they must be emptied by Thursday. We will be trashing stuff on Thursday as the day goes by...

Fifth & sixth will be washing the floor on Thursday...,

Third & fourth will be finishing the lockers and cupboards and 'stuff''
The electric glaze kin is very hot!!! Probably won't be unloaded until afternoon.

Gas kiln is out and running again.

Make sure your Packet is turned in today.

After presentations, as time allows, please continue cleaning - you will be graded on this

Turn in packet today - and get it checked off.

last chance to glaze

gas glaze running

bisque out.
focus on glazing and cleaning - make sure you fill out your job list and get it stamped.

Don't wait until next week to get things graded if they are glazed now!

Last bisque tomorrow (Friday)

Last glaze kiln on Tuesday

Packets given out on Today - due on Monday. DO NOT WORK ON THEM IN CLASS -

Advanced students will have all work in their Gallery on Monday. The essay should already be on line. Website should be nearly complete.
Today we can foot and put on handles, but it is the last day. We can continue to glaze until next Monday.

Friday is the last bisque.

You must pick up a 'clean up log' and fill it out and have it stamped every day.

Bisque out tomorrow.

Glaze out today.

Glaze kiln is too hot to unload ...

I will start bisque in the big kiln this week-end, it will be out on Wednesday.

Make sure you wrap anything you make today - we have a three day week-end

Tuesday will be the last day of wet clay and a week from today is the last bisque.

Make sure you locate all your project notes they will be due.

If we can clean up then we can extend the last day of wet clay to Tueday - but if the room is not clean on Friday we will not be able to do that.

Advanced students you need to be peer editing today - see me for sheets. If your essay is not up on time you will get a zero for it!!!

Last bisque kiln on Jan 21 - so if you make a project on Tuiesday it must be small enough to be dry by Friday the 21st. Last bisque in on Friday -out on Monday Jan 24.

Must be glazed by Wednesday Jan 26.

All Packets need to be in on Jan 24 - even if projects are not quite finished - they will be in a kiln by then!

Semester ends on jan 28.