Today and tomorrow we will model clay skulls and then draw them.

Blog update due 10/18 _ your blog and presentation is 20% of your grade!

Sketch book review – on a separate gallery page or in person due 10/22 – your sketch book, homework, is another 20% of your grade. Remember if you are in AP you need to spend much more time on independent work. Take the skills from each of the class assignments and see if you can personalize them.

In class skull drawing from three points of view. We will be drawing heads and faces all week. We will end with some water color portraits.

AP studetns - please be doing self portraits all week - in different media!

I will be grading the assignments not yet graded -

in reverse order - as I scroll back through the blog for assignments...

- water color still life (30 points)

- value drawing (10 points)

-  Texture drawing (10 points)

- Two point assignment (one study and one actual room - that's at least two drawing, more for AP) (15 points)

Points show how much class time was devoted to the assignments

Please update your blogs. Each assignmetn needs a separate blog and comment - use art terms - see the glossary on the documents page. (If my link is broken see Mr. Meserve's page for the link.)

Remember to emphasize individual marks in your paintings. The brush is not a pencil or a crayon - don't 'scrub' Paint!
This is a Water color by Winslow Homer. Notice all the brush marks that he uses to describe surfaces.

Finish and post your favorite one.

Remember - General to Specific

Light to Dark

Yellow and light colors to blues and dark colors

Use no BLACK

White is what you don't paint!!
For Monday October 4, 2010 we will be starting in water colors.
look here for directions...