Festival of the Arts 2011

 Wednesday, May 18th and Thursday, May 19th

Students may visit the exhibit during the day.

The public is invited from 6 – 8  Thursday evening.

 Deadline for submissions (to the library) is:

            Friday, May 6th for all entries that must be matted (fine art and photography),

            Friday, May 13th for all else.

Mid quarter is May 13 - this means before May 12  I will need to grade your show painting, your participation, your presnetation as well as your sketch-book up-dates.

 - Please have a link to your slide show and send it as a comment to me by Monday.

We will present them on Wednesday & Thursday April 27 & 28 in class - past to present. Make sure you have a slide of the artist before or after as well as a comment.

Paintings for the show need to be finished by Wednesday and varnished.
I am planing on bringing them to City Hall on Friday April 29, 2011.

Also check out the new calendar feature.

On a 18x24 canvas board ---

paint the canvas with a raw umber ground in acrylic paint

take a picture of a flower or plant.

blow it up in photo-shop and crop it to 9x12

grid the photo and canvas to match and paint the image semi-abstractly on the canvas. Think of Georgia O'Keeffe - this is not an photo-realist painting.

These paintings will be on display at Snoqualmie City Hall starting May 1!