Pick an art element

-Line/edge, Shape (2-d), Form (3-d), Texture, Simulated Texture, aerial perspective (chiaroscuro), liner perspective, color, and value ...

Using a monochromatic pallet make a collage on a piece of watercolor paper that shows one of these art elements. Make sure everyone in your group has a different art element.

Cut or tear the paper and arrange in a dynamic composition - look for spacial readings - remember brighter values come forward.

when you have an idea - paste down the elements with a mixture of glue thinned with water. Cover the top when dry with acrylic medium for shine.

When you are done scan it and get it on your web page. You can also add updates to your blog about how you were progressing on the project.

Hello to all new students. :)

lets look over classroom expectations for the semester.

Let's go to the classroom covenant tab...

the big picture tab....

advanced project tab....

let's look at my template page to see what you're website will be like

let's look at links and other links

contact form - please contact me on this form when you have your website made.
check the schedule - AP students - notice new blog - it is your responsibility to check here to get ready for the exam!
Final draft is due, posted on line, no exceptions, by Tuesday Jan 18. This is essential for your grade in this class.
By now your theme statement, out-line and now rough draft should be online!

Working within your group make sure you peer-edit your rough drafts and polish them up for usage, common sense, grammar and all the other good stuff that's needed in a short essay - ask each other if they know what you're trying to say...

Use the peer editing sheet - you can also find this under the  'other links' tab...

Make sure your blog, gallery and theme page are getting up to date.

All pictures must be right side up and edited. Make sure they are of decent quality, not yellow or blurry...

Remember that the rough draft is due on Wednesday we ill be doing peer editing on that day.

Remember you need to complete a gallery page, a regular blog with day to day activities - this needs to include your trading cards - and a theme blog which should have - a basic idea entry, an outline entry, a rough draft (by Wednesday) and the final draft on
A list of presentation dates will be on the documents page.
rough draft is due on Jan. 12 - we will do some peer editing.  Remember all work must be posted on your blog.
Final draft on Jan 17.

We begin presentations of Friday Jan 21.
Today I will be checking for your outlines ...

Also make sure the work you did over break gets photographed and posted.