Hey, I went over your sites - many of you have not been posting. Aldo I do not have everyone's address.

Everyone - even returning students - must resent their URL to my 'contact' form.  If you did not get a comment on your blog then I couldn't see it or there was nothing on it - this is a problem!

Make sure your pages are 'blog' pages so I can comment.

You must be doing SKETCH book work during break - the more the better - at least thee hours worth

I should be able to talk again after break so I'll see you then. In the mean time - Make Art!
Again, see the lesson that I left a link to yesterday - also on my 'documents' tab on watercolor.

Make sure you have three weekly blogs and three sketch book blogs by the end of the week. I will be checking them from home.!

I miss you all - but I really can't talk!
Aright crickets, here's the deal - I am down for the count (bronchitis and laryngitis) and counting on you all to pull through.

After you finish the value drawings - maybe after Tuesday's class start in on some water color still lives.  <-

Look on my documents page and do some water colors... They needed be apples - find some things you'd like to paint. Apples, fruit, or anything living is good because they have depth of surface - the light is reflected off the apple's skin which has depth and transparency to it. Watercolor at it's best hast depth and transparency to it - that's the point!

I hope everyone has at least two blogs entries up by now in the assignments area and two in the sketchbook. If you do not, please get this done asap. Also make sure you have sent me your URL on the comment form.

If you are finished with the assignment from Thursday and Friday then please read the section in the art history book on VALUE.

Find the graphite sticks in the back and do some sketches of found still lives - ie objects you put on your desk - try your jackets, shoes, or scarves - and using only value - NO LINES - do a descriptive drawing of the still life. Emphasis on making it look rounded and three-dimensional. Don't worry if it look 'real' or in proportion - worry that it has a full range of value from white to black and that it turns in space.

Use small paper and fill the whole page with the motif - no background!!!

Re-do the first semester 'Spacial Confusion' assignment - this time with colored pencils. Use color to bothcreate spacial transition and give meaning to the image.

Yes, the image should have a 'feeling'!

Click this link for Mr. M's fab tutorial!

BTW - I have the flu sooo bad  - my physician says I can not come back until Monday - :P
remember there are three ways to create an image in three dimensions - overlap, chiaroscuro, and perspective.

Make a drawing of objects around the room, pile them on your table, for instance, that use all three to make an illusion of space. Use line and edge - do not shade and create the surface.
Work on your sketchbook work and put it on your blog.
all students - make sure your blog is up to date. Consider today a 'sketch book' day. Draw from life or create an idea for a finished work.

We will talk more about the sketchbook assignments when I return.

Make sure you have a website TODAY!
Use the contact form to send me your URL

EVERYONE make your first weekly blog post by Monday - or face a zero for that assignment. The scanner works! I'll do a blog post in class to demo it.

Make art over the week-end - I know I will because 'Learning Never Ends!'
Make sure you take a snap-shot of your collage with a camera - your cell phone might work - and look at it in black and white. What are the values like? Do they range from 0 - 10? (total white to total black)

How would you describe the composition? Which way does it move? Does it move at all? Does it have rhythm? Emphasis?  Unity? Contrast?