Make sure you have your outline posted on your theme blog page.

Please see my 'other links page' for a link to a good graphic organizer on Mr. Goldhammer's website.... Blank Web

Please work on art work over break that will be part of your theme presentation.

For your presentation you can use any art work you've make or will make it is not just about a 'few' pieces but should show what you are 'passionate' about as a person. What is your sense of reality - please see the 'big picture' tab on my blog for the idea.

Today and tomorrow in class the laptops will be available as will the art materials.

Use a laptop or computer and post your outline TODAY!!!

See the advanced project tab for instructions!
Use the Laptops - put in theme entry now!!!

Blog artwork and trading cards NOW for grade

Today, and tomorrow - keep working on art as well as talking with you peers about your theme. Please have a theme topic sentence by tomorrow. By the time we leave class on Wednesday you need to have posted an outline on your blog.

You must make a new blog page titled 'theme blog' - here you will make entries as you go along as well as post the theme topic sentence, the outline, the rough draft and the final draft.

Step one - make a new blog page and name it 'Theme Blog'

Step two - write the ideas that you wrote last Thursday as your first entry. Add whatever else you might thing is relevant or helpful. The more the better.
Looking at your images make a list

what do they have in common in terms of




and anything else you can think of

NOW - try doing some webbing off the words you have listed and start to write in a 'surreal manner' just let it flow out and see what you get without regard for grammar or spelling ... just get the ideas out!!

Now do some peer review and editing and you're on your way!

Today finish the pictures from the trading cards.

Thursday we will start working on our themes. We will be making a new 'blog' page for the theme. This will keep theme ideas as well as the outline, rough draft and final draft.

Your gallery will be the page you present from.

Please blog your cards and your new images.

using your cards, start with motif and combine yours with the new one, do this for a few more sets of cards until you develop a set of new images... please have four finished images by next Wednesday. Then we will start looking at ideas for your theme ...

Please make sure you are blogging your cards and the new images. Make comments on why your new images are different than ones you might have made before.