Monday make sure we have a number of digital images to edit. Get them on user share, skydive or thymbdrive -

go to lab use photoshop to make photos for your gallery.

THEN we will do some independent work -towards your theme...

And one structured assingment - line movement - "O
Finish updating blogs by tomorrow! Quarter ends on Monday.

Next week - first assignment is to put all work in finished state on a gallery page with captions - the first step in your presentation ...
frst skull drawings in conte crayons 10 pts

clay skull drawing drawings 10 pts

graphite self portrait 20 pts

general face drawing 15 points

Due on Friday -

Watercolor face 30 pts

clay skull will be out of bisque kiln - 30 pts

Due on Monday -

Website complet for quarter -

sketchbook - 20% of grade - should be bloged - 2.5 to 4 hours a week of work

All next - we need to finsih the work from first quarter and get it in Skyward.

You will be working independently finishing the face project with a water-color self portrait - instructions on Monday.

We will have the class computers available for updating blogs as well as the camera, my scanner, this scanner,,,,  Bring a drive-drive or upload to hotmail skydrive as n
We will start working with the mirrors on Self Portraits ... in graphite sticks
- when doing your face start the same way we did for the general face - find the shape, find the mid-lines and for the placement of the features.
At this end of this unit you will have bloged and turned in -

The first skull drawings,
The clay skull,
drawing of the clay skull,
general face drawings,
graphite self portraits -


we will be moving to self portraits in water color next week.
Looking on the doucmetns page we find - how to draw a face... 

We'll do this as a guided drawing, then you will work in the mirrors and draw a self portrait. Also you need to bring in some of your own photos of people and draw at least two other portraits. Make sure you have lighting that is good and does not 'flatten' out the face. Also the photo needs to be big - and printed. We can print some in black and white in the room.
The work so far ... You should have the first sketch of the three skulls, the clay skull and the drawings of the skull so far in your portfolio. Blog them if you can.

Notice, I have dragged a 'gallery' into my blog from the 'multimedia' section. That wa
We will continue on skulls today but first we will spend about 7 minutes cleaning the art room, 'cuse Mr. Meserve is tired of you guys leaving stuff out!!

We will wash some tables, counters, throw away trash and look in our lockers to make sure there are no trays, brushes, pencil, rulers...

Then we will work on skulls