Do a drawing that models a three-dimensional form on a two-dimensional plane that uses values not outlines. Remember we can make values of lines and texture by use of parallel lines (they will curve to define the plane) cross-hatching and stippling. That is all there is! Plese do not smuge!
I want you to think about making a drawing that uses texture - look at these two examples from Mr. Meserve's website ...  texture - see if you can draw from life - but only draw part of what you see - like the shoe lace and give it a life of its own!
I am out sick on Monday. I think you should know what to do - get all your assignments finished and then work on your own work. I should be back on Tuesday. Please make sure you clean up extra well!!
This should be your first basic drawing - note the right wall vanishes to the left, and the left wall vanishes to the right. the only consistant thing is vertical lines.

Next do another more complicated clay with some doors, windows, lights or more reallistic features.  You should use newsprint on the edges to place the vanishing points.

Using an actual source find the vanishing points. Then do a drawing from 'life.' Either from a photo or from observation. Use your phone camera if you have one to check what you are drawing.

Your final pespective blog will have three drawings on it.

Using the directions on Mr. Meserve's page - do a one point perspective drawing in your 'sketchbook' for review. Post it in your blog. Make sure all other assignnments are up with some comments - use the art words that  I have previsoulsy listed!

We will do 2 point perspective tomorrow! YAY!
Looking at these images - a painting by Cy Twombly, and a Japanese painting - using a large bamboo brush - painting light to dark and small to large - create a feild of brush marks that give a rythemic illusion of space.
copy your work from here or the user share to put on your own blog...