The glaze is out. The bisque is done, but  won't be unloaded until this afternoon because it is very hot. NOTICE THAT SOME PROJECTS HAVE BLOWN UP BECAUSE THEY WERE TOO UNEVEN IN THICKNESS !!!!

We will clean up fifteen minutes before the bell - show me your bat, ring, bucket and clean tools - STAY BY YOUR CLEAN WHEEL UNTIL I COME BY.

Thursday 10/14/ I will be here until 3:30 if you want to work on projects.

Time for everyone to be on the wheel - Quarter ends on November first - that's two weeks to finsih all first quarter projects!!!!!

Purple glaze by permision only - only for small details only - very expensive!!

Remember you have to turn in all your notes in a packet for each quarter.

Make sure you are adding water to the glazes to keep them the correct consistency!!! There are sives over the sink in the dragon and elf cabinets.

Wash off the gosh darn  base

Make sure you are turning in your projects! Advanced studetns I will be checking websites on Friday afternoon.
10/13/2010 10:54:59 pm

I was unable to find the list of art elements. It would be awsome if you could post that if you already have not.

10/14/2010 02:38:07 am

It's under glossary of art terms on the doucments tab - it's under both ceramics doucments and drawing and painting doucments. Thanks, good question!

Ms. H

7/16/2012 02:39:09 am

Nice info bro


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