We will sart out with a quick - 7 1/2 min clean before we work -

period three please sweep before things get wet

period four wash rings, bats, buckets and wheels. Please also some of you need to wash the back door and the clay mixer! Advanced students pay attention to the wheel.

Period five - wash cupboards and tools by the sinks - wash out sinks and drain buckets.

Period six - organize and wash out tools boxes. wash counters and rinse sponges.

News! - glaze out tomorrow.... Bisque will run today on a two day 'candle' and be out on Friday This will allow for slightly damp 'greenware' to go in the kiln.

I will be gone on Thursday - keep working!

Wheel demo on Wednesday for period 5 & 6

Wheel demo on Friday for period 3 & 4

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