For all students - remember - the quarter review is your account of what has happened and what you have completed. If there are any special circumstances - to explain why something is not quite finished - then you need to doucment it - don't just tell me.

Advanced students must have the quarter review on the blog tomorrow...
copy and paste it from this site (from the documents page) into a word, works or notepad program and put in your information.

Remember the report is where you report on your progress! If there are any special circumstances - report them here!!

Make this entry a seperate page on your website titled "First Quarter"

First semester students use cover sheet to put your notes in order, wirte the response and turn in tomorrow.

Again, the bisque is out tomorrow for last chance projects due Monday. Only one per students!

You need to turn in your notes for that project on Friday if you are going to get credit for it.

If you cannot finish all your assignments for this quarter then they can be turned in as extra credit next quarter - only if the assigned projects are completed and graded!

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