Today period 3 & 4 – wheel demo. Glaze kiln is out, bisque out tomorrow ...

Tuesday – footing demo all periods. I would like advanced students to also watch this to make sure you’ve got it right.


Projects must be footed for credit.


Remember extra credit can be earned – but only if all the assigned projects are completed and turned in.


You should have three graded projects turned in this week or you risk losing credit for them –


Beginners - the coil is overdue and the soft slab is due.


Advanced – you need the tall, wide and set of three by now.

You also need a blog update for each week.

Finished assignments can be graded from your blog – but I must see the project in real life so we can discuss it. I will not just ‘go looking’ for what is up for grading – you must see me, as always.



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