Keep making art of your choice and getting photos - good photos! Make sure you have them on a thumb-drive or your user share. I also recomond using MSN sky-drive or google-docs to store pics on line. I like sky-drive for it's folder aproach.

Friday and Monday we are schedualed to be in the computer lab to work with photo shop to edit our pictures.

I will be grading your sketch books next week - you will need to make  sketch book page on your blog. I would love to see the actual 'book' or collection of drawings. Remember you should be spending between 2 1/2 to four hours a week on it. Thus you should have A LOT of work by now.

Also AP students you need to have your bredth section done before Thanksgiving break and all GOOD quality pictures. Please read the guidlines on the AP guidelines. This is your responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!

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