- Please have a link to your slide show and send it as a comment to me by Monday.

We will present them on Wednesday & Thursday April 27 & 28 in class - past to present. Make sure you have a slide of the artist before or after as well as a comment.

Paintings for the show need to be finished by Wednesday and varnished.
I am planing on bringing them to City Hall on Friday April 29, 2011.

Also check out the new calendar feature.

On a 18x24 canvas board ---

paint the canvas with a raw umber ground in acrylic paint

take a picture of a flower or plant.

blow it up in photo-shop and crop it to 9x12

grid the photo and canvas to match and paint the image semi-abstractly on the canvas. Think of Georgia O'Keeffe - this is not an photo-realist painting.

These paintings will be on display at Snoqualmie City Hall starting May 1!
Open swim

For the rest of the week we will be …

Getting our websites up to date –

                All asignments on with good quality pictures – photoshop them if you need to.

                Make sure all entries are clean – no lingering thing like ‘this is you blog post…’

                Make sure there is art on your home page and that all the tabs and pages are set up correctly

AP students – you must have your latest work on line. Your portfolios should be ready to go when you get back from break. Most of you need to edit your breath sections and make sure the images are ‘clean.’

Work on your mini artist presentations….

                Let’s talk about how to order them… Shall we go from most recent back or from most distance in time forward? This brings up the question – how do you see time? What is the shape of your own life? How do you conceptualize it in terms of form? There are some people now who are trying to display information in imagry that is different than charts and graphs of the past…. What might this look like for you?

Edward Tufte

What is the idea behind abstraction – let’s look up the word…

Get your blogs up to date -NOW - thanks.
I need on your blog -

finished acryllic

aother sketchbook blog

abstract drawing
Mini Art History Reports –

Start on next week – work on them through the holiday – present them to class on April 18 – 19. Each presentation should be about seven minutes long and include ten images with explanation. Who is the Artist, when where did he/she live, what was the main motif of their work & what was their main idea of theme! What was their ‘school of art’ called – i.e. Monet was an impressionist… Why were they important to history.

Chose one of these artists…. (look in the art book to start, then in other books and on-line. Your report will be an online power-point style presentation. Use Google docs or office online with hotmail. Upload and make a link to your site that I can pick.

Helen frankethaler : Kaylin D

Jacob Lawrence (many works in Seattle including SAM)Kailey V S

El Greco Taylor D. Winslow

Max Earnst Chad S

Marc Chagall

Marrcel Duchamp

Henri Matisse

Paul Gauguin

Edvard Munch Rachel H

Mary Cassatt  - Loren

Winslow Homer

Fredrick Church

Eugene Delacroix

Francisco Goya

Jacques-Louis David Daria G

Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez  - Kanani pd. 1

Peter Paul Rubens Brett pd. 1

George de La Tour (big painting at SAM) Megan W

Caravaggio: Amber M

Albrecht Durer Katie R

Hieronymous Bosch Jessica L

Lucas Cranach (one painting at SAM)

Raphael Ssnzio

Sandro Botticelli Jonathan

Paolo Uccello (painting at SAM) Helena

Giotto Sandra A. p.1

Your assignment is to make a series of drawings using all weights, lengths and types of lines to make images.

Start by drawing an extreme close-up of your shoe - let it go off the page - use curved lines to show it turn in space - use variety of lines to show texture and detail.

As the series progresses your drawings should become more about the abstract shapes and movements of the lines themselves. What forms can you create?

You are trying to draw form and space with out drawing the thing itself.
Now is the time when you put together the techniques of starting a paintings f rom life with the big shapes and no details AND then put over that the kind of detail painting you learned in beginning art w hen you did a photo-realist painting. The difference here is DO NOT put details on every square inch of the painting. By having some area more details than others you will create a sense of depth of field that will create space and focus. Make sure you blog it! Also make sure you blog another sketch book image.

This will be the only formal lesson this week - I will be out at  National_ Art Educatiion Conference on Thurs/Friday with the art teacheres from the district.

If your website is not up to date - make it up to date now! Grades entered today will be final!!!

projects needed to be posted - from the 3/4 post....

1) website exists - with the correct format and you have put in your own pictures for the ones provided by Weebly...

2) Collage with description of what art element(s) you used and what you think worked well or poorly.

3) Sketch book entry one - from week two - sketch book blog

4) drawing using perspective, over-lap and chiaroscuro - reg blog 

5) colored 3-d confusion drawing with parallel lines - include comments of what you think worked well or poorly using descriptive art element words

6)Value drawing with comments - include comments of what you think worked well or poorly using descriptive art element words

7) Water colors - lots - how were they different after you looked at the tutorial... ?

8) by Monday - another sketchbook blog.