I hope everyone has at least two blogs entries up by now in the assignments area and two in the sketchbook. If you do not, please get this done asap. Also make sure you have sent me your URL on the comment form.

If you are finished with the assignment from Thursday and Friday then please read the section in the art history book on VALUE.

Find the graphite sticks in the back and do some sketches of found still lives - ie objects you put on your desk - try your jackets, shoes, or scarves - and using only value - NO LINES - do a descriptive drawing of the still life. Emphasis on making it look rounded and three-dimensional. Don't worry if it look 'real' or in proportion - worry that it has a full range of value from white to black and that it turns in space.

Use small paper and fill the whole page with the motif - no background!!!


will return before long


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