Mini Art History Reports –

Start on next week – work on them through the holiday – present them to class on April 18 – 19. Each presentation should be about seven minutes long and include ten images with explanation. Who is the Artist, when where did he/she live, what was the main motif of their work & what was their main idea of theme! What was their ‘school of art’ called – i.e. Monet was an impressionist… Why were they important to history.

Chose one of these artists…. (look in the art book to start, then in other books and on-line. Your report will be an online power-point style presentation. Use Google docs or office online with hotmail. Upload and make a link to your site that I can pick.

Helen frankethaler : Kaylin D

Jacob Lawrence (many works in Seattle including SAM)Kailey V S

El Greco Taylor D. Winslow

Max Earnst Chad S

Marc Chagall

Marrcel Duchamp

Henri Matisse

Paul Gauguin

Edvard Munch Rachel H

Mary Cassatt  - Loren

Winslow Homer

Fredrick Church

Eugene Delacroix

Francisco Goya

Jacques-Louis David Daria G

Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez  - Kanani pd. 1

Peter Paul Rubens Brett pd. 1

George de La Tour (big painting at SAM) Megan W

Caravaggio: Amber M

Albrecht Durer Katie R

Hieronymous Bosch Jessica L

Lucas Cranach (one painting at SAM)

Raphael Ssnzio

Sandro Botticelli Jonathan

Paolo Uccello (painting at SAM) Helena

Giotto Sandra A. p.1

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