Using the words we used in class on Friday -


describe your collage. How does it create an illusion of 3-D space. What kind of feelings or moods dor thoughts does it evoke in the viewer. How does the use of warm or cool colores, hard or soft edger or large and small shapes affet the way we view it?

Pick some adjectives that describe it ....

Make sure your collage and this description is posted to your blog this week. You can copy the picture right off my gallery here or I will also post them on the user share under lessons, fine arts ... advanced art 10-11 folder.
Your drawing should use relative size to show depth. Make sure the objects are in the right place - location, location, location - is more important than detail.

Be clear about what your motif is. Make sure you have an active composition.

The illustration below is just an unfinished sketch - yours should be much better!

Due on your blog on Wednesday 15th.

Ms. H
One of these sculptures is in the SAM out door Sculpture Garden in Seattle. How does it use the art concept of scale?

What well known American Artist from the last century was know for her very large paintings of otherwise small things? :)
Watch this video in class - go home or use the library computer to write a paragraph about the art elements used in the video. Post them as a comment to this post - yes this is a graded assignment!
On Wednesday students began to cut out and form the collages, and on Thursday they began to glue them with white glue mixed with water.

They should be finished, photographed and on your site by Friday Sept. 10.

collages by Russel Smith


For the first assignment I would like you to make some collages - they should be 8" x 10".

They need to be monochromatic, should have the illusion of thee dimensional space - using  varrying textures and value as well as overlap and relative size. They should be non-figurative. The images should show rythem and asymetrical balance.